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Heinrich Schulte Söhne GmbH & Co. KG
Widayweg 10 • 59823 Arnsberg

Printing: metering rolls, impression cylinders, embossing rolls

Food: drying cylinders, cooling rolls, endless screws, housings, baking sheets

Paper converting: gel cylinders, gum application cylinders, contact pressure rolls, calender rolls, guide rolls, idle rolls, doctor shafts

Plastics processing: mirror-finish rolls, laminating rolls, heating and cooling rolls, nozzles, barrel extruders, handrails, pressing and drawing molds, doctor shafts, chromed steel pressure plates and strips, heating and cooling plates

Aviation and astronautics: valve stems

Military engineering: punch calibers und impellers

Textile industry: pressure rolls, thread deflecting rods, galettes, spindles

Automobile engineering: tool molds, pressing and drawing molds

Hydraulics: cylinders, piston rods, plungers, outer bodies

Chemical industry: Gas scrubbers, worm conveyors

Mechanical and plant engineering: drawing and bending tools, valve bodies, shafts, couplings, impellers

Structural steel engineering: working rolls and cold-working rolls and other branches of industry

We offer competent, comprehensive and coordinated counseling for all coating questions. We will prepare the optimal solution for the task planned with account taken of all specifications and parameters.