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Location safety through professional management and modern technology

Any endangerment of Nature would have lasting consequences. Since we are classified as a hazardous incident plant with a greater range of obligations, we must do our utmost in the interests of the environment and safety. We therefore make use of the latest technologies for environmental protection. At both our locations, manufacturing is carried out without waste water. Some of our both baths are equipped redundantly with tertiary safety systems. Evaporators and in-line filters ensure optimal safety. Unser own laboratory carries out constant checks on all bath and waste-water processes. In addition, a computer-controlled waste-management system at both locations assures optimized operations and environmentally friendly disposal channels. The use of regenerative energies is also planned to take account of environmental considerations and to counter rising energy costs. It is clear that all the requirements of the Federal Immissions Act will be met so that also in the future safety can be integrated in planning. Furthermore, we have concluded a voluntary insurance for environmental damage in accordance with the Environmental Damage Act.