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What grinding technique means for YOU:

Attainment of the technical parameters demanded

The grinding technique is the basis for the attainment of technical parameters.

With our comprehensive stock of machines for precision, cylindrical grinding, belt grinding and polishing work, we can meet the most diverse requirements for a very wide range of workpiece dimensions. Depending on the geometry, material and execution of the workpiece, precision results of < 0.003 mm und Rt 0.1 μm can be attained in dimensional accuracy, true running, cylindrical form and peak-to-valley height of convex and concave curves.

ø-mm Length grinding Length total Weight in kg
Stone grinding between centers to 800 5.250 5.250 10.000
Stone grinding in supports to 3.500 4.860 7.000 40.000
  to 2.500 6.250 7.000 40.000
Belt grinding centerless to 1.000 20.000 20.000 10.000
Belt grinding in supports to 3.400 3.600 7.000 30.000
to 2.000 4.600 7.000 30.000

Greater dimensions and weights possible on request.