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Hartchrom - ein zukunftweisendes Verfahren Hard chrome

Hard chrome

Hard chrome plating is still a forward-looking process for the production of the highest surface qualities for low-friction, low-wear manufacturing operations to reduce your costs.

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Schleiftechnik bildet die Grundlage zur Erreichung von technischen Parametern Grinding technique

Grinding technique

The grinding technique is the basis for the attainment of technical parameters.

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Mattiertechnik Dull and satin polishing

Dull and satin polishing

With our dull and satin polishing technique, we are able to obtain the required peak-to-valley height in the basic material or in the chrome on your workpieces of a diameter up to 2,500 x working length 9,000 x total length 10,000 mm and a max. weight of 8,000 kg.

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Service & Sonderarbeiten Service & special works

Service & special works

With the selective coating/spot welding technique which can also be carried out on your premises, we are able in the great majority of cases to carry out a repair of the workpiece on the spot in the installed state.

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The examples of applications from industry are wide-ranging and international

We offer competent, comprehensive and coordinated counseling for all coating questions. We will prepare the optimal solution for the task planned with account taken of all specifications and parameters.

More than a century of competence and experience

With state-of-the-art production techniques and experienced staff, we process your workpieces of up to 40t individual weight in the area of hard chrome plating and precision grinding. Creative solutions and flexibility are our hallmark.

For all coating questions, we offer competent, comprehensive and coordinated counseling for the specific task.



Comprehensive quality tests, continuous workforce training courses and the application of the latest measuring technology characterize the reliability of the process. Regular internal audits ensure consistent quality. We naturally have DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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Any endangerment of Nature would have lasting consequences. Since we are classified as a hazardous incident plant with a greater range of obligations, we must do our utmost in the interests of the environment and safety.

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The chrome plating of the interior of a gas scrubber with a diameter of 3,000 mm and a total length of 8,600 mm.
After thorough planning and coordination with our customer, this task was carried out to the unqualified satisfaction of the customer.

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