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The process:

Our specialties include the hard chrome plating of tools and molds.

This process, characterized by layer thicknesses of 10 µm to 30 µm, is a cost-effective alternative precisely in the deep-draw area and for punching tools.

The shape of the tool is protected by this since its working surface is provided with a thin and extremely low-wear hard-chrome layer. All friction effects stop at the chrome layer, increasing process safety and availability with a lower maintenance requirement and longer tool life. These economic factors mean a considerable competitive advantage since the process can be used again for the refurbishing of a tool.

For many years, we have also been a partner of the mold manufacturers, especially in the SMC area. The striking feature of hard chrome here is its avoidance of adhesion effects. The release of the finished part from the mold is simplified, tool wear is greatly reduced and costs can be saved through this.

The advantages at a glance

  • high-quality surface finishes for maximum slidability
  • thanks to sophisticated anode technology, different layer thicknesses can be applied with precision dank
  • the tool keeps its shape, even when rechromed a number of times
  • at the low chrome plating temperature of 55 ° C, thermal distortion is excluded
  • the short process time of 1 - 6 hours means short refurbishing times
  • improved flow of material in the drawing process and improved qualities
  • greatly reduced sheet-metal abrasion and very much lower reject rate
  • higher press speeds and increased productivity
  • lower lubricant requirement
  • avoidance of adhesion effects


Workpieces up to 40 t, greater weights on request.