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APC coating= Adamant Protective Coat

APC coating= Adamant Protective Coat

adamant: Diamant {noun}, diamond of extreme hardness {f}, Adamant {m} [imaginary stone of impenetrable hardness]

adamant {adj.}: firm, very hard, stubborn, determined, unyielding, steadfast, unshakable, immovable [fig.]

adamant [poet.] - unusual hardness {f}
to be adamant that - to insist that

As a follow-up treatment, APC coating is an innovative process by which the micro and macro cracks in the hard chrome layer are sealed. This improves the sliding characteristics and corrosion resistance to an even greater degrees.

This special process was developed in our company in the course of a graduate thesis by our quality management engineer, continuously improved, tested for suitability over the last few years and matched to the process in an optimal manner. Pilot series were subjected to a series of tests which included corrosion resistance behavior and supplied important empirical values so that we are now able to offer first-class results also in this area.


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