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Route description to Arnsberg and Iserlohn

Route description Plant I Arnsberg – Oeventrop:

A1 to Unna intersection.

Take the A44 direction Kassel to A445 direction Arnsberg/Meschede. Now A 445 to Arnsberg – Uentrop exit. Then turn right to direction Oeventrop. After the Oeventrop place-name sign, there is a petrol station on the right. After about 50 m on the Rhine Bridge, get in left lane and turn into Widaystrasse. On the left, you will see a blue and white building marked with the name "Schulte Söhne".

Our address: Widayweg 10, 59823 Arnsberg – Oeventrop, Tel. +49-(0)2937/9681-0.

We look forward to seeing you!

Route decision Plant II Iserlohn:

from the East or West:
Take the A1 to the Westhofen intersection. Here you take the A45 direction Siegen, Frankfurt to Hagen intersection.

From the North or South:
Take the A45 to Hagen intersection.

For all directions:
At Hagen intersection, you take the A46 direction Iserlohn. You stay on the A46 until the Seilersee exit. Here you turn left in the direction of Unna for about 1.5 km (1 mile) until you come to a T - junction. Turn right at this junction into Baarstrasse to continue in the direction of Unna until you see the Volvo Pütter garage on the left after about 300 m. Just before this, turn left into Mastweg and continue until you come to us on the left after about 200 m.

Our address: Echelnteichweg 39, 58640 Iserlohn, Tel. +49-(0)2371/43479-0.

We look forward to seeing you!

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